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Flea Market Dollar Stores – Money Maneuver #4

Oldsmar Flea Market signboard

Oldsmar Flea Market signboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The famous flea market at the Kitano-tenmangu

The famous flea market at the Kitano-tenmangu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Flea market sales are way down in recent decades, but there is still good money in “flea market dollar stores,” and there is very little overhead compared to a regular store.
Run Your Own Dollar Store

  • Dollar Store Bath Products
  • Dollar Store Candles & Gift
  • Dollar Store Consumables
  • Dollar Store Cosmetics
  • Dollar Store Garden & Gifts
  • Dollar Store General Merchandise
  • Dollar Store Gift Bags & School
  • Dollar Store Gift Giftware
  • Dollar Store Gourmet Foods
  • Dollar Store Hair Care Items
  • Dollar Store Health and Beauty
  • Dollar Store Home Plastics
  • Dollar Store Housewares
  • Dollar Store Hair Accessories
  • Dollar Store Kitchenware
  • Dollar Store Novelties
  • Dollar Store Nuts & Dry Fruit
  • Dollar Store Party Items
  • Dollar Store Pet Items
  • Dollar Store Pet Supplies
  • Dollar Store Photo Frames
  • Dollar Store Seasonal Items
  • Dollar Store Spices
  • Dollar Store Stationery
  • Dollar Store Sun & Reading Glasses
  • Dollar Store Toys
  • Dollar Store Underwear & Socks
  • Dollar Store Vitamins
  • Dollar Store Wallpaper

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