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Patriot Guard Riders Funeral Attendance – Active and Veterans

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Patriot Guard Rider

Patriot Guard Rider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Procedure to Request a Mission

We have five types of
missions which have an order of precedence for when we have multiple missions on
the same day, same time.

It is our intent to attend
every mission we are invited to. We never do a mission without being invited
by the Immediate Family.
When we are invited to more than one mission on a
given day this will be the priority:

1. KIA or in
theater death

2. Any other
active duty death

3. Any Veteran with no family

4. Veterans from
any era

5. Welcome
home/send offs, HOTH.

In case of a priority 1 or 2
request the request MUST COME VIA THE CAO/ CACO. I will take family
information and initially contact the family if necessary, but after a CAO/CACO
has been assigned by the Military, all communications between the PGR and the
Family must go through the CAO/CACO. CAO/CACOs are assigned very quickly, so if
anyone including a family member asks for something, take the information but
reinforce with them it has to be confirmed and communicated to me by the
CAO/CACO (this is necessary because the CAO/CACOs deal with a single person
in the family, next of k! in, and that person is the only person authorized to
make decisions for the family).

In the case of multiple
priority 4 requests it will be on a first come first posted
priority 4, -mission requests must come from the
next of
, as shown
below in order of precedence:

First living person in this
list –


Children (over the
age of 18)


(over the age of 18)



(over the age of 18)

Niece/Nephew (over
the age of 18)


I prefer to have an email
with ALL necessary information to schedule a mission. If the NOK does not have
emails please ask them to contact me by phone 916 214-9534,
please do
not send me an email asking me to contact the NOK
, I will not make first
contact the next of kin by phone or email, that comes off like ambulance
chasing. If you are the Next Of Kin (if you are not then please have the next
of kin) forward the needed information to me at ( you can forward an
email from the NOK to me if that is more expeditious):



Branch of service

( if a veteran then Rank at the time of discharge)

Years of service both total
and range e.g. 26years, 1965 to 1991

brief military service history (Include important assignments, combat tours,
Awards and decorations)

complete itinerary of the fune! ral services with Dates, Times, and complete
addresses, name of the funeral home and funeral director and his/her contact

and contact information for the person requesting the mission.

When we are asked to do a
priority 5 Welcome Home or Sendoff missions. We cannot do entire units
without command involvement so have someone in the chain of command contact me.
If we are asked to welcome home an individual we will do missions at the
beginning and/or completion of a tour. The requirements to schedule a mission
are the same as priority 4 (above), except of course name of person returning or
leaving and requestor’s relation to that person.

The faster I get all the information above, from the
next-of-kin, the faster the mission announcement goes out.

Make no
commitment on behalf of the PGR to do a mission.


Patriot Guard Riders
Patriot Guard Riders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

State Captain

PGR NorCal
Capitol Region



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