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Meet Anthony

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     Anthony Swetala-Greco


      * US Navy Veteran


       * Disability Advocate



Raised in Omaha Nebraska, my life was slow-paced and fairly easy to manage.


 When I turned 18, I joined the US Navy to serve my country.


Talk about a change of environment, life just got a lot more exciting.


My travels took me around the world. Many experiences shape who I am today, and none of them would I give back.


As we get to know each other, my hope is to offer you a tip or trick in


an area of knowledge unknown to you. My hope is that you will share with me some of those tips or tricks through the comment box provided at the end of each post.  I want to acknowledge YOU for your service to our country and may you have peace in your life.




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  1. Hi Anthony – I’m a veteran. Nice to meet you! ~Sherry~

  2. Thomas Nuffan

    Thank you for your service!

    • Your welcome Thomas. It was a pleasure to read of your project for English class, thanks.

      • Thomas Nuffan

        It is and was, to the best of my ability, the only reasonable action I could take to help support my troops and to serve my country as I am not allowed in the military due to disability.

        Not an ironclad, flawless piece I’m sure as any English major would be sure to pick it apart, but meaning every stroke of thought is more valuable than any critiques I had, have, or will receive.

        Let the writing be self-evident that there are people in America who are grateful for the service and sacrifice of those in our armed forces. It is my only wish for those who do read it with a sincere heart are made proud. Proud of their country and proud of their countrymen.

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