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Vets…Is The Law On Your Ass For Something? Check Into This…

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          The Veterans Justice Outreach Program may be what your looking for. 

I know from personal experience that this

avenue of handling problems with the court system or justice system is the way to go. 

Justice For Vets


The purpose of the Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) Program is to avoid the unnecessary criminalization of mental illness and extended incarceration among Veterans by ensuring that eligible justice-involved Veterans have timely access to VHA services as clinically indicated. Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists are responsible for direct outreach, assessment, and case management for justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails, and liaison with local justice system partners.


Here is the website 




Be A Discrimination Tester and Get Paid For It…

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An attempt at a discrimination graphic.

An attempt at a discrimination graphic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Earn Extra Cash!
Attend Project Sentinel’s Tester Trainings


Call for info about our upcoming tester training. Trainings held regularly. This position is on-call and testers are given a stipend for their efforts.


Call (888) F-A-I-R-H-O-U-s-i-n-g
(888) 324-7468


Housing Discrimination Tester


Project Sentinel is a non-profit agency that investigates allegations of housing discrimination. Project Sentinel’s primary method of fair housing investigation is testing, which involves sending individuals (testers) posing as prospective tenants to the site where discrimination is alleged.
Testers play a vital role in assuring equal housing opportunities for all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, source of income, familial status and disability.


People of all profiles and backgrounds are encouraged to participate.


Definition of Fair Housing Testing


Fair housing testing is a controlled method to determine differential treatment in the quality, content and quantity of information and services given to home seekers by real estate agents, leasing agents, property managers and owners.
A test is an authentic simulation of a housing transaction used to compare the treatment of one home seeker to another to determine if there are violations of fair housing laws. The technique of testing involves the pairing of individuals, similar in relevant respects except for the variable being tested (e.g., race, familial status, disability.)


After the conclusion of the contact or visit, the experiences of the two or more testers are compared to determine whether the alleged discrimination against the complainant exists.




Able to work on an “on call” basis


Ability to get to the site


Ability to complete the tester report forms in a thorough and timely manner




Complete the fair housing tester training


Conduct the assigned test


Complete and return the tester report form in a timely manner




Stipend paid to testers for:


Site visit


Phone test




Project Sentinel pays tester for mileage



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